Step 1: Actress Marianne Wittelsberger starts the Straight Makeup by having a clean face and having her hair pulled back. Marianne also wears clothes that tolerate makeup, powder, remover and rouge.

Step 2: Marianne adds a base close to her natural skin tone. She is using a makeup sponge for even coverage.

Step 3: Don't forget to cover your neck and ears with the base. Skin color doesn't stop at the edge of your face.

Step 4: Marianne uses brown for the shadow color. For all makeups, start from top to bottom and from left to right. Marianne here puts on nose and cheek shadow.

Step 5: After the shadows are in..

Step 6: Marianne adds some highlights on the sites where you see white. 

Step 7: Blend the highlights and shadows with a brush or sponge

Step 8: More blending with a sponge.

Step 9: More blending with a brush.

Step 10: Powder with a translucent powder and apply the powder with a powder puff.


Step 11: Powder sets the makeup so it won't run. After powdering, brush off the excess with a powder brush

Step 12: Using an eyebrow pencil, open the eye with this design. Up close it looks strange, but from the stage it will open up the eye

Step 13: Add some white highlight between the space. This will help to open up your eyes even more.

Step 14: Line the outline of the lips with a pencil.

Step 15: Fill the lips with lip color using a lip pencil or brush.

Step 16: Add dry blush with a brush to the cheekbone and cheek area.

Step 17: And finally add some mascara. 

Finished Straight Makeup
Marianne with her final makeup. This is a makeup that is not greasy and fully powdered. Therefore no ill effects will occur to the actor. 



Makeup defines a character and makes your character live. We as JOKESTERS have been invited to places where Steve & Marianne wouldn’t have been invited, like the White House. Steve & Marianne have worked for every studio in Hollywood as well as makeup companies on their posters. (Show Ben Nye Makeup Poster), Catalog, envelope


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